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How to use alightings led connector?

1.Know these Connectors and your strip lights

Connect strip to wire: Can DIY custom wiring, without stripping wire, no soldering,Compatible with 22-20awg , solid wire or stranded wire,Use these with the extension wire to get lighting exactly where you want it.

AC-DJ series : Suitable for standard waterproof LED strips with PU surface ( not for silicone surface).

AC-SE series:  Suitable for Non-waterproof LED strips or waterproof LED strips with silicone surface.

How to distinguish between PU and Sillicone surface of strip lights?

Strip light with silicone surface: very SOFT, if press with your fingers, the surface could be crushed.

Strip light with PU surface: it is HARD, if press with your fingers, the surface couldn’t be destroyed.

*Note: Make sure that your strip lights match up with the connectors you purchased. If you found not match, pls contact us.

2.Choose the Correct Connectors

3.How to Connect Strip lihgt?  (For example  : AC-DJ-N10XB-4)

4.How to Assemble Wire? (For example : AC-DJ-N10XB-4)