120leds/m 2835 led strip lights
hot sale 120leds/m 2835 led strip lights
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Alightings is a specialized LED Strip Lights manufacturer, Our technical team has 13 years of experience in research and development production. We have sucessfully launched multiple series products such as LED Strip Lights | ws2812 strip | 5 in 1 rgbww led strip | CCT Adjustable, RGBW, Constant Current, Dream Color and others, which have supplied a complete product line and solution to customers.

Super-long constant current LED strip is drived by only one side power supply. The current through each LED is constant to keep same brightness from the beginning to the end of the strips. A power supply can drive such LED strips in continuous length of 10m/15m/20m/30m.

Implementation of 7 colour change at the same time can have a pure white light. Single point of single control, high gray level, and can achieve a variety of beautiful effect. Its powerful lighting function to make it more valuable for different application areas.