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2835 LED Strip Light, 120/M, 8MM Wide, 5M Reel

This is our most economical 2835 LED strip lights. It also uses less power than our other strips, so you save money on the strip, the power supplies and electricity.
● Very popular and made with high quality components. Available in several shades of white, red, green, blue and yellow.
● Use our top quality single-color flexible LED strip(strip lighting), Superflat LED rope or bars for accent lighting in coves, edge lit glass and a host of other applications.
● Dimming them is easy and inexpensive with our extensive line of 12- and 24-volt dimming drivers. Our dimming drivers can create a fully scalable solution that our customers have used to create larger installations in retail stores, resorts, sports bars and other locations.
● Or, choose a conventional non-dimming supply (driver) and enjoy state-of-the-art affordable LED accent lighting!

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2835 LED Strip, 120/M, 8MM Wide, 5M Reel – These versatile 2835 LED Strip Lights are in 24W/M (8 Watts foot). It uses a 2835 LED chip placed every 0.33”(8.3mm). This 2835 strip light has High Density Lighting with 120 diodes per meter or (39/ft). It is cuttable every 3 LED chips or 1”(25mm) for 12VDC and every 6 LED chips or 2”(50mm) for 24VDC. The pcb width of this led strip light is 10mm. It has a strong 3M adhesive tape backing on IP20 and IP65 strips that allows it to peal and stick to most surfaces. LED Strips will only achieve their maximum Lifetime installed in an Aluminum Profile to dissipate heat, protect them from elements, and create desirable lighting effects.

● The color temperature of Warm White is 3000K, made specifically for the scenic industry.

● This 2835 flexible strip has a high tolerance of +/- 100K so that every installation is consistent with the last. Along with high tolerance and it’s unique color temperature, this specialized LED strip light has many other features as well:

● High density: with 120 LEDs per meter, the light is more even, and if you use our track with diffusers, you can get rid of the dots completely, which is a desired feature in direct lighting applications.

● It’s bright, but it’s dimmable, so get one of our high quality dimming drivers and use a recommended LED dimmer to adjust your light intensity with style, and with the comfort of knowing that we sell the best dimming drivers money can buy, so your LEDs will last a long time.


Model No.ColorLength (m)LED Q’tyLED TypeBeam Angle (degrees)Voltage (V DC)Max Power Consumption (W/m)
EST-212-WW20Warm White560028351201221

External Dimensions

2835 120 12V

2835 120 24V


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