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2 Pin 10mm LED Connector IP65 AC-DJ-N10XB-2

  • One end for strip light and another end for extension wire (22,20,and 18 AWG), easily DIY lead connector wire or strip-to-strip-bridge (jumper) with any length.No need stripping wire insulation before connection (pierce-to-contact), easily connect your led strip to power or dimmer without any soldering, just a pliers needed
  • Widely applicable for IP20 Non-waterproof tape light like 10mm SMD5050 /5630 /2835 /5730 in different LED density ranging 30~90 LEDs per meter
  • Clear Cap that will not mask light of first SMD thus hardly see dark area in your lighting space. Make lighting effect more uniform
  • Powerful with as much as total 5A current supported, allow you to connect longer LED strip by one connector,reducing cost and connection work
  • The pin will go through PCB from BACK of strip, which can grip strip light tightly and wire-end blade go through insulation to contact conductor inside cable, you never worry strip light or wire moving out of connector. Even workable to strip light with 3M VHB red foam adhesive tape




NOTE: 1.Make sure your section of LED light strip is 10MM wide 2 PIN WATERPROOF LED Strip.
2.Ensure your Wire Diameter 20-18AWG and without stripping wire,the wires have to be separated before you insert them into the connector, it also requires pressing down with nose pliers to ensure the contacts pierces through the insulation on the wire.

Firmly bite through led light strip, don’t like traditional connector only conductive connection
Updated version of LED strip connector, assemble wire by yourself as needed, flexible to different project! Both solderless for led strip and wire joint. Just clasp your prepared led strip section into the connector to get connected. worry-free solution for waterproof LED light strip connection and extension needs,extension for whatever the wire length you want to connect.
Solderless Wire Joint Quick Splice Connector for 20-18awg Cable  
Our products were an innovative safe and quick wire connector,peeling free,tapping free and twisting free. it greatly changes the way of wire connection .it allow any users to just insert the wire into wire joint and press cover by pliers to connect the wire safely and conveniently.
Installation Instructions: 
Strip End:  
1.Open the transparent cover of connector up to 90 degrees.
2 .Insert led strip section to the END of led strip connector, put the contact point of led strip on the PINS of the connector.
3. Close the transparent cap with a plier
Wire End :  
1.Cut the desired wire length and insert it directly into the guide slot.
2.Make sure that the positive & negative on the led strip light surface are corresponding to the ones on the wires.
3.Close the transparent cap with a plier.
4. End of installation.


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